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Default Re: Fallout 3 Official Thread

Just thought I would share my two cents:

STEAM: It took me 7-8 hours to download the game yesterday, totally not cool on Steam's part. I could understand having problems 2, maybe 3 hours after release but 12 hours after release and there are still issues with bandwidth? Come on! Good thing my wife had work that required my assistance, so I could stay awake and watch the percentage go extremely slow. I wonder how much money Valve lost due to refunds yesterday?

FALLOUT 3: Now I *like* Oblivion, it's a great concept but the medieval times just doesn't appeal to me like it used to. I like the RPG and 1st person elements of the game, but there have been times where I was impatient so I may have missed a few parts of the game. The story finally lost me due to BOREDOM.

But now we have a Oblivion-like game that has a better story line . . . so I'll bite. I was interested in the story line, the VATS system and just the overall feel of the game. Most of the reviews pushed me over the edge to buy it yesterday, just two hours before release.

GAMEPLAY: Gameplay (controls) is very Oblivion-like, not as "slow" as other people have been claiming. One thing that sucked right off the bat is the tutorials did NOT give me a good, educated overview of the controls, the Pip-boy 3000 or anything else for that matter. By the time that I escaped from the Vault, I had hardly NO idea how to use the Pip-Boy 3000, weapons switching system, VATS system (I killed the roach with the BB gun normally), or a few other things I can't remember. But hey, once you stare at the PB3000 for a few minutes, things get a little more clear.

I haven't really gotten into the combat system too much so I can't comment much more on gameplay.

GRAPHICS/AUDIO: Audio is great, no complaints here. The graphics are pretty good, but I'm a little disappointed in the Graphics settings. Why can't I change the resolution or optimize the graphics like every other game? How can I tell that I'm running at 1680x1050? What about AA/AF? I'm guessing the settings are outside of the game?

Overall, this game should be pretty fun. The story line has hooked me in and I'm actually interested. Maybe I'll get time tonight to play it for an hour or two. I need to get back into FC2 . . .
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