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Default Is driver 1.0-6628 still available ?

I have the following problems with a newly installed 177.80 graphics driver:

1. Icons fade, lose their captions or become invisible on the desktop.
2. The desktop is constantly trying to refresh itself (but it fails).
3. The mouse is unresponsive - the cursor remains fixed on the desktop.
I have to log out with Alt-Ctrl-Del, Logout, Return.

I have a QuadroFX 540 card, BIOS version

My computer is an HP xw4200, running RHEL 2.4.21-27.0.2.EL (Taroon Update 4).

We upgraded the driver from 1.0-6628 when the computer failed to reach run level 5.
Actually, it turned out that the problem was a full root partition. Clearing some space
allowed us to reach the graphical desktop, but by then, the driver had been updated and
we couldn't roll back. See the log-file attached. Does 1.0-6628 still exist ? And, how to proceed safely ?
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