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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hi Steve, the yellow 152 is the Just Flight version and like this paint, though I cannot remember where on earth I got it from, prolly Avsim. The Carenado version of the 152 is nicer, esp. the VC and I will grab your paint for sure...looks great!...

Odd about the UT lighting, as I can honestly say I have noticed no drop in performance when using it with GenX, or over UTE terrain - I will do a test later to see what impact it has, as obviously there must be some, but it seems to make no difference to my usual GenX locked 28fps. It does look far better than the burned-in lighting GenX provides, but it is not up to FTX standard...Orbx has really excelled in this area, like most others.

Enjoy your games I'm still -slowly- working through Warhead, and I've been thinking about getting FC2 - though I may wait and see what GTA4 turns out like on PC. I play games far less now and often end up not finishing them, unless they're really good, so I need to be picky.
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