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Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Seems like the city areas run pretty bad. The framerates really aren't bad but everything just gets sluggish and jerky when there are enemies and lots of buildings. Exactly like Oblivion.

I'm running at all settings maxed at 1600x1200, no AA, 16xAF. I get 35-85fps but the framerate fluctuates wildly once you get into an area with lots of buildings, and regardless of the frame rate the mouse lags so much that aiming is very difficult. I just ended up waiting until VATS was available because I couldn't hit anything due to mouse lag.

That is the reason I can't stand playing Oblivion any more and its enough to completely put me off Fallout 3 for the time being. Gamebryo strikes again...
How this Oblivion mod got perfect reviews is beyond me. Well, we saw the same happen with Oblivion when it was released: perfect reviews all over, fanboys raving, the truth being realized and admitted only months/years later. The truth is, Gamebryo ruined every Bethesda game and it also ruined this one.

BTW check out this one, much more accurate account of the game:
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