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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey mark

Yep i thought it was the JF 152 due to the way the reg txt doesnt have the size limitations of the UV mapping like it does on the carenado 152 which is something ive been fighting with an a few repaints

Same for me on a lot of games FSX is the main filler for me between major titles but i got a few im looking forward to playing and finishing (tomb raider underworld & FO3 are top of my list) with the cost of things up somuch these days i cant afford to be buying things im not going to play of in the case of FSX planes im not going to fly much,which is why i didnt get the F16 or the bush hawk,i think i'll get the catalina if/when that ever comes out as i just love that plane heres hopping they dont make it to complex and to heavy on the FPS!

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