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Default Re: That's enough ATI

Originally Posted by PaiN View Post
After ~3 months with this ATI 4870(512mb) I've had enough. I'm totally unimpressed with it, maybe it is because I play at 1920x1200 and like to use AA, but it seems like its been hard to get smooth play since I've had this card. What can I say, willing buyer came up locally so I jumped at my chance to get back to an nVidia card.
I would have gone for a 280 but I've been purchasing guns and ammo like crazy and funds are short...NewEgg had a good deal on a BFG overclocked 260(216) 630/2126 which looks like a great card.
Should have it time to play FallOut 3
Good choice mate!
Over the past few months itís clear that the driver updates from NVIDIA have really kicked up the performance of the GTX 260 with it managing to beat out the HD 4870 nearly every time.
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