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Default Re: Woohoo, I got Duelist!

Originally Posted by thor1182 View Post
I think things will balance out come 80. Things where really lopsided like this when they released the lvl 70 trees when everyone was still lvl 60.

Apparently moonkin are doing real well in the current climat.
Yeah I've been doing pvp as moonkin lately, its ok. Ret is just plain OP though, there's quite literally nothing you can do about them unless you are a priest and have mass dispell. You can dps the crap out of them and bring them down to 20% or so, then they just bubble and keep going at you. You can't stop them at all.

It's stupid because even a really sh*tty player who has no idea what they are doing can pick up that class and just destroy people with it. Literally every game I've lost in the last two weeks was against a team that had at least one ret paladin. And were talking higher (1900+ ratings) where complete idiots are doing extremely well. I was even watching one of these guys line of sight his healer multiple times, and another time where two of them weren't even attacking the same target.
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