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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
Eh...7k health is pretty low. Seriously if I see somebody running around with that much, expect me to kill them very fast. My druid has around 11k health in all of his specs, except his tanking spec which is around 16k.

Have you tried every playstyle your druid has? My main is a druid. For PVE there are 4 different roles to play, and for PVP there are 4 different playstyles as well, each of them very powerful. And were not talking little differences between each spec, were talking huge, like a whole other class when you re-spec, MUCH bigger differences than when other classes re-spec.

As for your starfire hitting for 4600, thats fine and all (well, actually mine crits for 7k) but if people are dumb enough to let you take the time to cast spells like that they deserve what they have coming. In general I agree that PVP is pretty broken right now though. There is a huge problem with people dieing so fast in PVP, and it has really dumbed it down a lot. It is for other reasons than spells with long cast times and high burst being dropped though. Blizzard has talked about it on the forums but they haven't said what they are going to do about it.
To tell you the truth, I think I just have mage blood running through my viens. I just always dug the mage class. Love how on edge I have to be while playing one and I love all of the outs I have and the CC. IMO it's just the most exciting on edge class to play.

As far as the druid, I just can't stand it. For one, I hate the tuaren class. The cow just doesn't do it for me. Then there's the whole never seeing the armor becasue I'm in some other form factor lol. I just worked for gear, I wanna see it lol. Then I get tired of trying to decide what role I wanna play. I end up switching it up too much. I just dont care for that hybrid class.

Hunter, well it just sucks.

Wish I had a 70 mage and rogue right now.
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