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Question Leadtek Nforce problems

I've just got this board, the Leadtek twinforce bundle, and an xp 1600+CPU.

I've put it in, it booted fine, all drivers installed etc.... and it is stable once on at default settings. (100 FSB)

But sometimes even at normal 133FSB - and straight if I try to OC even to 138 FSB - windows do not want to load.

There is a stop error: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (the error is the same at normal 133FSB or with FSB upped)

After it happened the first time at 133 mhz I have switched to APIC. Under ACPI I had 7 resources sharing IRQ 11. After switching to APIC there are 4 at IRQ11 and 3 at IRQ12. All the integrated stuff including the gfx card at 12??? Even though there are other unused IRQ's.

Anyway... reading around a little bit this sems to be memory related. My memory is PC2100 Crucial. 2x256 MB. The newer stick I haven't used, the older stick was runnning happily at 147 FSB the newer one I haven't used much jet as it produced memory errors in the ECS board so I had to take it out from that board.

There is no corruption now it sems as I had the board working for a while now and running a few 3Dmark tests... no problems , however the board doesn't want to overclock at all - with loading errors sometimes at normal 133FSB speed.

I have put the sticks in 2nd and third memory slot and leaving the first one empty. - could that be the possible reason.

Anyway - the system as it is now
Leadtek Nforce 415
integrated sound and LAN
Leadtek GF4ti4200 64MB at 300/565
Western Digital 800JB 7200 rpm 80GB hdd 8MB buffer
Maxtor 40 GB 7200 rpm HDD
Toshiba DVD
Hewlett Packard CD-RW
Crucial 2x256 MB PC2100 ram
550 W PSU

- and the last - after swithcing to APIC the board doesn't want to shut down automatically. It gets to some "You can shutdown Win2000 now" screen in default VGA resolution. WHen I have to press the button for 5 sec for the PC to shutdown. Not a big deal, as all devices shut down properly, still - it used to shut down well when before the switch to APIC. (to switch I used the Win 2000 disc, chose the upgrade) and after pressing F5 once the setup starts, I chose Standard PC HAL) and left the install to finish.

Any help appreciated

--- by the way the Gfx is fine, I have jumped from 6150 on the GF3Ti200 default to 9050 on this setup default 133FSB (however now I am using 40.41 drivers for a few hundred points extra).

I was able to get 7250 on the old system overclocking to 147FSB, and the card to 225/515. (that was with 1500+ XP)

Sofar the gfx got to 300/565 for "only" 9450 3 d marks... but I need to test a bit more to see what is going on. For the beginning I'd like to figure out this IRQ/memory problem and how to fix it.
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