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Default Re: That's enough ATI

Originally Posted by zer0 View Post
here is the microstuttering problem that i experience in clear sky & Pure using the 4870 512mb. this does not happen to my 8800GT 512mb.

it's not very obvious because when i converted the video the framerate dropped also. but you can notice it on the running guy. the background has minimal microstutter coz i'm looking at a fixed direction.

vsync & triple buffering already on but still microstuttering happens.
That is not microstuttering. Microstuttering refers to framerates that seem lower than they report to be. What you are showing is plain old hitching, so you have a conflict elsewhere. Neither the hardware nor the software should be causing that.

Did you uninstall and reinstall the game after the hardware change? It seems as if the game is accessing your hard drive often. Or at least something is.

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