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Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog View Post
Damn dude, thats a great OC you got there. That certainly has you up there in the GTX 280 league on stats. Post a pic of GPU-Z if you can.

My BFG core 192 won't let me go higher then 730 on the core using the evga precision tool for whatever reason. If I set it higher it just reverts back. I haven't had time to tweak my new card out yet but I have gone to 702/1458/1203 and made it trough 3D 06' with no visable artifacting. I know though I can't get above 1500 on shader as I tried and got corruption . TBH though I just go back to eVGA FTW speeds and call it good

Also your experience isn't unheard of. I see these stories a lot over at R3D. People going with the 4870's becasue on paper they're beating 260's but in real world it seems like a lot of peolpe are having issues with them. So they try the 260 out and with most don't look back after they do.
Mine is water cooled... this was with my quad. Its ATI Tool and Furmark stable too.

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