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just to add a couple of details

I installed the new 1.13 Nforce drivers and IRQL stop error, etc.. problems went away ( ok windows still shuts down in this weird way still)

So ... on I went, and at 147 FSB oc, the system boots fine, but when running 3D mark it threw me out to desktop after first game, anyway, I though tius might be my main memory... and it was, i took out one stick of DDR, and now i have run the test.

GPU is now at 305/585, and fsb OC is 147 which gives me 1554 mhz. 3d mark score is 10402 at default.

However when I try to overclock to 149 FSB - the sytem doesn't post and I have to reset the Bios.

That is a bit abrupt - to me... I'd expect at least a windows lock before no-post, for just a 2 FSB increase.

The CPU is AGOIA 0210, and people have been taking those to 1800 mhz +... so I don't think this is it, and memory.. is crucial???

any ideas, I have options in the bios to give some extra volts 0.1 and .2 to AGP and to memory, plus up to 0.125 to the CPU (taking it to 1.875) , and a few steps in between.

--- oh yes the Windows is Windows 2000 pro SP3.

Any ideas?
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