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Default TMPGEnc Xpress released, partially CUDA enabled

TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress Version - October 29, 2008
Added NVIDIA CUDA 2.0 support. Can be used with filters and the MPEG-1/2 decoder. CUDA-capable graphics card required. For more information on CUDA, CUDA supported video cards, and downloading the latest drivers, please see NVIDIA's website.
Fixed For AVI codec output quality, keyframe interval and bitrate would not function properly.
Fixed Deadlock could occur when using the VFAPI file reader.
Fixed Green blocknoise could sometimes appear when importing a MPEG-2 PS file through the MPEG file reader.
Fixed Some MPEG file aspect ratios could not be properly determined.
Fixed Imported AAC audio would be delayed by several milliseconds.
Fixed MPEG-2 TS file importation would fail when the stream header contains garbled data.
Fixed An error would occur during the output when joining several clips with different YUV colorspace.
Fixed The MPEG tool would output a LPCM file with a *.tlp extension when demultiplexing.
Fixed Other minor issues have been fixed.
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