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Default Re: Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!

Yeah price is a big factor, but I think the biggest problem is that 96% of people don't even care if their movies are higher quality.

The wide spread use of things like iTunes, Netflix, youtube, and other video download services (legal or not) shows that people generally just want to have their media whenever they want it, even if it looks inferior to a DVD.

Lowering the price would help but I just don't think enough people give a damn for high definition video to take off any time soon.

It isn't like DVD where it offered lots of completely new features, convenience, better reliability and the huge jump to practical digital video. Those are things that just about everyone wanted after wearing out VHS tapes that took up a lot of space, required manual rewinding and looked worse every time you watched them.

I honestly thought BD was doing better than this article said, but it doesn't surprise me that its struggling.
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