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Originally posted by saturnotaku
The thing that gets me the most about all this is when NVIDIA MSRP's the GeForce4 at $400, the fanATIcs cry foul. When ATI does it, the fanATIcs say, wow only $400! I'll take 3! (gross exaggeration but it gets the point across)

Ironic, no?

Well the issue here is performance. The 9700 more than doubles, tripples, x4 the perfromance of ATIs last card, the 8500 in some settings. The GF4 did not provide for as great of a leap over the GF3 Ti 500. Yes in some cases it as much faster than the older GF3 cards but not by the same margins we are seeing here. Then factor in MSRP != the price you can get it for on-line. The place I bought mine has dropped them to $322 including shipping....

For me $400 is too much. But $338 to almost tripple what my 8500/GF4 Ti4200 can do is a no brainer
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