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Default Wolf ET timedemo & Rad 9800

OK... just to post here as well, as I already did post the question at TR forums...

So Tech report have made that demo for Wolf ET and they were getting ~ 130 FPS at 1024*768 with no AA and no AF with Rad 9800 pro...

I just tried their demo last night and got confusing results...

Their system was a athlon 2600+ with 333 FSB on NF2... mine is 2400+ with 266 FSB on KT333... so that is some difference but I am not sure that this is all so to start with:

My system: (after sort of sorting out that "heating problem" - now it runs around 63C while gaming )

Epox KT333 chipset
Win 2000
Rad 9800 with Omega Cats 3.6
Creative SB 5.1 Live
network card... and WD 80 GB 8 mb HDD
ok and 2400+ proc... + 256 MB PC2700 ram running async (I know I know... but what the hell no OC for me with such high temps as it seems that they will stay)


the settings were put to performance (should be no AA no AF) in the driver
and in game settings were 800*600 resolution and otherviese they were high... and AF was set to trilinear (but this should be overridden with the driver setting I hope)
so I have run this benchmark with Kazza in the background and got something like
67 fps first time and than ~ 80 fps second time and 84 FPS next... and than it stayed ~ 84, 85 FPS fourth and fifth run.... so it seems that the program was speeding up as i was rerunning the demo???

next I shut down Kazza and than got around 80 fps, 92 fps, 94 fps... in subsequent runs??? so the pattern was there - still 94 FPS to top it off is waay to slow. I have to say I expected more around 130 FPS for this resolution, unless my proc is such a big bottleneck here, still I wouldn't expect to lose 30%+ because of 80 mhz and slower memory...

so any ideas?

I you want you can download the benchmark from here: and as well get a bit more detailed numbers in that newspost thread...

as for the demo it is like Q3...
just create a Demos folder under the ETMain folder, sasve their demo in there... and run like in Q3 timedemo 1 ; demo xxxxx - where xxxxx is the name of the demo...

any help appreciated... I will do more testing tonight (I hope, even though I might go to the cinema with my wife... so maybe not ) But I have to get to the bottom of this

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