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Default Re: Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!

Well I can say without a doubt that HD streaming will never take off over here given the average internet connection is 10x too slow and offers 10x less of a dl cap a month than the average HD movie. We can thank the money hungry telstra for this crap. I can't stand it when people talk about the future being all DD when I'm stuck on an 8Mb connection with 25GB DL/m for $80/m. I'm not the norm by far, the average connection is probably around 512Kb with 2GB/m.

ADSL2 at 24Mbit would help (still nowhere near enough) if they eased up on the dl caps, but even then, telstra have priority on exchanges (pretty much exclusive telstra everywhere but capitol cities) so I can't go with any other ISP but them in my area. I'd rather not pay twice as much for 10GB/m with uploads included :\

Anyway, end rant. But my point is, some countries have retarded governments that sell off the major public telephone company with near 100% of the communications infastructure so that they can dominate the market and keep it exactly how they want it - give us nothing and charge us everything. So, I'm sorry, but DD for HD movies won't work on a global scale.
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