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Default Re: Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!

For me, bluray has 3 major problems at the moment.

1:- Originally I was attempting to watch bluray on my PC which took hours of fiddling, patching power dvd, extra software for copy protection cause we are not allowed to watch store bought blurays on our own tvs. In the end I just got fed up with messing about for 30 mins while friends eyed each other impatiently wondering when I would finally get a film playing. So just went back to buying dvd.

So then I get a PS3... and this is what every household needs, convenience. Having a standalone bluray player makes a big difference as I can just shove the disc in and so far all have worked first time. Reviving my interest in bluray.

So then
2:- Price. Blurays are double the price of dvds here. So I have to think, is this film good enough that I want to see it on bluray? At the moment its about 1/3 that I get on bluray with the other 2/3rds being dvd. If they were the same price, or close enough, I would go blu every time!

3:- And this is the most unforgivable for me. I bought Wanted on DVD last week... I paid 9.90 for it. I was really looking forward to seeing it. I wanted the bluray but:

Wanted (Blu-ray)
Due for release on 01/12/2008

So lets get this right... if I want to watch the future, I not only have to pay more... I have to wait another 2 months!? For a film I really want to see! Whats the point, bluray is killing itself.

If bluray wants to win, it needs to get the bluray on the shelf 2 months before the dvd version, not the other way round. Then they might shift a few more players!
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