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Default Re: Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!

As for holodisc.....If blu-ray can't make it. I don't see how this holodisc will.
It depends. A less greedy consortium behind it, lower royalty fees, could lead to more realistic pricing. Not right off the bat, of course. Also, Blu-Ray promised HD, but a lot of what I'm watching on it is overly compressed, not to mention almost all special features are standard definition.

If there is still room for a physical media over digital distribution, Blu-Ray was never anything more than a stop-gap. By 2015, it looks to be OLED televisions and HoloDisc as the format.

I think the main problem is everyone was afraid to jump on the blu-ray band wagon in case it failed. But now it's failing because nobody jumped on it. The same thing will happen with holodisc.
Everyone was afraid of jumping on Blu-Ray because it had tough competition. Once Blu-Ray won though, the new excuse became the price. If Holodisc can launch in a way similar to how HD-DVD did (working players, uniform spec, the ability to price low, etc.), it has a chance at real market penetration. Also, it would be launching at a better time. Because, while DVD only required having a television set, Blu-Ray requires an HDTV. So, Blu-Ray's market penetration is also dependent on the market penetration of HD televisions.
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