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Default Unigine Tropics Benchmark

I have just found this cool benchmark, it even supports DX 10.1:

- Support of DirectX 10.1 multisampling features
- Performance boost
- Procedural grass
- Multisampled deferred buffer, which allows combination of light scattering with anti-aliasing
- Pixel Shader Model 3.0 support is required now, so minimal supported hardware is ATI Radeon X1xxx / NVIDIA GeForce 6xxx
- Additional AMD CrossFire optimizations
- Correct detection of NVIDIA GTX series
- Per-pixel dynamic lighting
- Normal & parallax occlusion mapping
- Different models of shading: Phong, Oren-Nayar, anisotropic
- 64-bit color HDR rendering
- Volumetric fog and light
- Powerful particle systems: fire, smoke, explosions
- Extensible set of shaders (GLSL / HLSL)
- Postprocessing: depth of field, refraction, glow, blurring, color correction and much more
- Support of pixel shader 4.0 model
- Real-time ambient occlusion
- Light shafts
- Unique materials system with support of parameter's hierarchy
- Special materials for vegetation
- Dynamic irradiance environment maps
- Live water with a surf zone and caustics
- Native support of stereo 3D devices

4xAA on DirectX 10.0

4xAA on DirectX 10.1

Will download and post results as soon as I get home
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