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Originally posted by Sazar
all right how am I supposed to run it again ?

I have ET installed already... the free download of the MP game.. what else do I have to install if anything... I clicked on the benchmarking tool and installed it to a demo folder I created...

file name is demo0000.dm_82

lemme know what to do and I will give it a run for you
OK... you got the demo... and I you saved it in WolfET/etmain/demos (ok speaking from my head here from work) so what you need is start ET, - meaning to the main menu only - press ` (above TAB key); to open the ET command prompt (or whatever is that called, the name escapes my memory at the moment)

type in the command prompt:
"timedemo 1" press enter
"demo demo0000" press enter again

and the demo should start
to check your FPS you should just open the command prompt after the demo has finished again and it will be there in the last line... the demo lasts around 30-60 sec roughly.

If you could just try a few times without closing the game to see if you get the "speed up" effect when you run it a couple of times straight. Just press the up arrow to repeat the last command (saves you typing )
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