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Default Re: Ok guys school me, what have I missed?

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
The HD 4870 x2 may be the most powerful single slot solution ,but you still run into problems like you do with crossfire.If crossfire is not supported then you are basically running a single HD 4870.
You guys who keep complaining about Crossfire, do any of you actually own a 4-series setup with it? I've tested around 30 different games in Crossfire, and every one of them but two scaled (Two Worlds, Witcher,) and Witcher has been fixed now.

The 280 is a fine card, but 4-series Crossfire deserves some merit. It's practically transparent to the user. It's very dependable, which is why you see the 4870X2 running away from the 280 in most benchmarks.

I've owned an 8800 Ultra, then an HD4870 and now Crossfire. And I'd say give me Crossfire over anything.

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