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Default Re: Windows 7 = Windows Vista Sp2?

Originally Posted by zoomy942 View Post
its fascinating that you have had so much trouble. I have used SUSE, Ubuntu, PCLINUX and Mandriva08 and none of them had troubles. the only problems were caused by me tinkering with settings becasue I was getting my touchscreen on my tablet to work.

Maybe give it another try with a fresh install of Ubuntu Intrepid?

Right now my Ubuntu rig (see my sig) has the "Update Manager" frozen. Sure, I can minimize it and use the system for other things. All I did was set it to download all 280 some odd updates after a fresh Ubuntu 8.04 install. Walked away and when I came back it was frozen.

Looks like this OS is going to require some "hand-holding" for something as simple as updates. Even my Vista rig (see sig) doesn't require that.

OS bashing aside- I love Ubuntu and seldom have any issues with it. Likewise, I love Windows and have even fewer issues with it. Then again, I do know significantly more about computers than your average joe and thus probably why my machines are so stable compared to others'.
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