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Originally posted by Siggi
Quite frankly I think NVidia are bang out of order releasing 400 hardware in this state. That 400 entitles the purchaser to the very best quality, not some shonky cash-in piece of second-rate crap which is what these supposedly 'uber' cards actually are. I think it's time NVidia got a wake-up call by way of law-suits and bancruptcy. Very angry here.
I'm not dismissing those that have had problems with NVIDIA and ATI cards flickering. However, making blanket statements is not going to help solve anything. There are people out there (like myself) who haven't had a single problem with their 5900 Ultra or 9800Pro. How can we explain that?

I'm just saying that some balance is in order IMO. I would be so mad I could spit too if I was stuck with a card costing that much money with the kinds of problems I read about. After spitting, though, I'd RMA the sucker and move on (hopefully).
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