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Default Re: Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!

I feel Sony isn't that bad. On PSN if I buy a soundtrack, it's DRM free. On my MD player if I put a track on I can check it out 3 times, before I need to check them back in. My Mini Disc player plays ANY CD. My Sony clock radio plays any radio station. No questions.

Stop with the FUD ViN.
I hope you're joking like you normally do. Sony practically invented rootkits, and they weren't even sorry for being caught. Sony and EA are pretty much the main offenders when it comes to intrusive DRM.

Once Feb 2009 comes and goes as does analogue TV in the US, the need for BD and HD will sky-rocket.

By next summer everyone will have an HDTV and BD player.
As VIN stated, you're a little off on this. Almost every TV today is capable of receiving a digital signal. If you can get standard def cable/satellite hooked up, then your tv is good. It doesn't have to be HD.

Sometimes those who are well off forget there's another world down here. I live in north western Louisiana, and I'm one of the fortunate here. making $50k/year puts me in the upper echelon. Most people here can't afford a new tv, and many are just now getting a Playstation 2 (yes, TWO).
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