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Default Re: Unigine Tropics Benchmark

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
Redeemed, nvidia cards support portions of DX10.1. truth to the matter is that Far Cry2 only uses parts of DX10.1, parts that work on both brands ATi and Nvidia.

Nvidia is missing few requirements to be fully DX10.1 compatible.

Far Cry 2 might be called DX10.1 game, but doesn't use all that DX10.1 has to offer, it isn't much to begin with.
nekro- that doesn't change the fact that nVidia's current lineup is not DX10.1 compliant. You may as well say that since the NV3x architecture supported SM2.0 it was fully DX9 compliant. Not true.

Granted, DX10.1 doesn't add much to 10.0 (from my understanding of it), it does not change the fact that nVidia's lineup isn't officially "DX 10.1 compliant". My GF5900U can run 3DMark06, does that mean it fully supports DX9? No. My 5900U can also run Crysis, does that mean it must fully support DX9? No.

Fact of the matter is the GTX200 are not "DX10.1 compliant" parts.
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