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Default Re: Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!

My mom's TV is from Nov. 1997 and has no digital TV tuner. She has Time Warner but we are not paying for their box (only the signal which is $18). I've already picked out a nice 40'' Sony XBR7 to replace the aged TV. With it we'll be getting a PS3, so we'll be ready.

I already have an HDTV at my dad's and a PS3.

Most everyone I know already has an HDTV or is planning to get one this holiday season. With the falling price of blu-ray players, most people will have one sooner or later.

Blu-ray is not's just getting started.

I remember when DVD was just getting started and people were saying it wouldn't make it and would go the way of the laser disc and something better was coming in a few years.
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