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Default Re: Unigine Tropics Benchmark

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
read my post again

some stuff is there, but not all that is necessary
I did, but it still seems you were confusing my post with Athlon's as I never once mentioned FarCry2, I only mentioned the original FarCry.

Meeting part of the DX10.1 requirements does not make the card fully DX10.1 complaint. The NV3x architecture supported everything except SM3.0 for DX9- yet they weren't fully DX9.0 compliant as that would mean complaince with 9.0c. Really, we're just nit-picking here anyways. Not that it matters. I was only pointing out to Athlon that his card does not support all the necessary features to be a DX10.1 part.
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