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Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Pretty nice overclocks, but why would you go with a 260? By the time you bought all the watercooling stuff couldn't you have just got a 280 that performed better?
I had everything to cool it except the bracket (for the Fuzion GFX). Cost me $8 shipped. I got the GTX 260 for $200 back when they were still $300. I made out. RMA'd my last HD4870 and got the $280 back, bought this for $200 + $8 bracket, money in my pocket, much better card and gaming experience. My HD4870 @ 900 core and 4400mhz memory gets smoked by this thing in 3dmark and real world gaming using FRAPS. Plus they don't spontaneously die like the 4870s tend to.
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