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"I'm not dismissing those that have had problems with NVIDIA and ATI cards flickering. However, making blanket statements is not going to help solve anything. There are people out there (like myself) who haven't had a single problem with their 5900 Ultra or 9800Pro. How can we explain that?"

We can explain it by saying a very lucky minority have received cards of an acceptable quality whilst the majority have forked out a hell of a lot of cash for sub-standard seconds produced by arrogant hacks with a blase disregard for the welfare of their customers.

When NVidia send me a brand-new card that works, with a pre-paid box for the return of the old one, I'll cut them some slack. Until then I have 400-worth of extreme legitimacy to be totally outraged.

That's 400 for a PCB with some silicon soldered the very least I expect it to produce 400-worth of eye-candy, not flicker like a two-bob knock-off Chinese TV set.

Back to the topic at hand...where is the update from them regarding the fix? Or isn't there one?
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