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Default Re: Red Alert 3 Thread

Less attention to harvesting is less microing economy and more focusing on fighting, fine by me. Just because the harvester isn't going to a field, doesn't mean you can't harm someone's economy (take out their expansion, target the refinery, etc). The man cannon is silly but I think it's cool. It in no way ruins the whole game for me lol. The camera is a valid complaint, but I can tolerate it. Seems a little more zoomed in than C&C3 and less freedom (can't zoom out). C&C has ALWAYS had spamming I don't know what C&C you've been playing. Maybe the first two not so much because of the slow pace of the game. All the units have useful and complementary secondary fire/abilities so there definitely is an incentive to use them all. There seems to be a good counter for spamming certain types of units. I think C&C3 was worse when it first came out in that respect, but some patches fixed it. The Japanese units are kind of crazy, but Red Alert has tended to be a bit crazy. It feels and plays like C&C to me and I've been a fan since the first one.
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