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Default Re: Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!

blu-ray missed it's chance to really hit primetime,

And, between the improvement in quality, interactivity vs price and drm, blu-ray is taking it's sweet time to gain real market acceptance

With the down turn with many economies, there are few interested in a $200+ player for movies that cost $10 more than their regular counterparts. If the studios really wanted blu-ray to take off, they would remove the premium.

Otherwise, a significant portion of the population simply doesn't notice or care about the difference from dvd to blu-ray. My wife shown the same movie in both, either didn't care or didn't notice. I've had the same story reinforced when inquiring about other wives thoughts.

If blu-ray manages to get to 50% of the market within the next two years, I'll be amazed.
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