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Default Re: Thin Blue Line - 6100 with FC9 & 1280x1024

so it's been a few month this issue is still happenning in latest drivers

i intended to buy a second video card to add screens, but if nvidia is not willing to give proper support, i'll go for another brand. too bad for nvidia, it is once again showing its ineficency of closed drivers
i mean this bug must be very stupid, and is very particular that it should be figured out very easily
it happens only on th 6100 line, only for 1280x1024 native screen resolution.
and it clearly has to do with initialisation since using the vesa driver first hand removes the problem

by the way, a script to initialise the vesa driver than switch to nvidia is not a solution
merely a poor hack.

nvidia? do you really have such poor support?
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