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Default Re: Why isnt my ram running at 1333?

Originally Posted by Grechie View Post
On Saturday I bought the following

XFX 790i ultra
2X2GB Corsair XMS3 DHX Dual Path Heat Xchange PC3-10666 1333mhz cas9

I have left everything bone stock in the bios, defaults are loaded, its currently in linked mode, the cpu's running 1333fsb and i noticed in the bios the rams running 1066mhz and not 1333fsb, does anyone know why?

Also, if i unlink the cpu and memory, and up the memory to 1333fsb will i get better performance?

Thanks guys
You probably have it linked with the wrong divider. You need to have a 1:1 divider to get it running at 1333mhz. I'd guess it's using a 5:4 divider right now.

If you can link it to 1:1 ratio that will provide the best performance. You might also have to up the voltage for the sticks to run at their rated speed. Run CPU-Z and you should be able to see the SPD values of the chip under the memory tab. That will list the proper voltage needed to run at 1333mhz.
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