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I bought a BFG 5900NU Flicker Master at Best Buy on the 26th. On the 27th it went back! It flickered and sound coming from the voltage regulators. The deciding factor was Morrowind a lot of flicker in that game. Well I cant go without a card, so I pick up ATI 9800pro AND VERY GLAD I DID NO FLICKER NO NOISE. I've been with nivida since thier frist card the 1,2,3 and 4600ti the last!

3Dmark2001se (5900NU)=17105
3Dmark03 " =5445

3Dmark2001se (9800pro)=18235
3Dmak03 " = 5900

Intel D875PBZ P4 3.0c @ 1%
1g Crucial p3200 (2.5-3-2-6)
Antec 550 truepower
ATI 9800pro- Just better Tec
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