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Default Re: LotRO DX10 Client = BOING!!1!11!!

Originally Posted by LordJuanlo View Post
Last night I completed my Rift armor set. Yipes!!!
SWEET looking armor dude! I'm playing a hunter too and having a blast.

One thing I hate about this game is that you have to reinstall and slug through the patching if you blow away your OS (like I do frequently). With WOW I was able to just keep a WOW directory on my D-drive and go right back to just clicking on the EXE to play after a reinstall.

Age of Conan seems to allow this but with the caveat that you need to reinstall DirectX9c first on Vista (no big deal). LOTRO on the other hand seems to be totally busted up after an OS reinstall. I did manage to find a link to download the complete install for the game patched up to Book 14 and that is helpful for the future. Hopefully they'll have another install set like this after Moria comes out...
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