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Default Re: Red Alert 3 Thread

Hmm, my initial enthusiasm has faded a bit. I still like the game, but after playing the Sovjet campaign and now being almost finished with the Allies one, I feel a bit disappointed. For some reason the game lacks a bit of personality for me. I can't really get as attached to the characters as in Red Alert 2. Were for example I really liked General Carville's personality, or premier Romanov and Yuri.

Still, it's a good game but slowly I begin to feel I like the way the Allies and Sovjets were portrayed and played in RA 2 more. Not to mention I begin to notice some of the weaker designs. Like the Allies and Sovjet's factories. The game is beautiful though. I also don't like the Empire of the Rising Sun as much either, they have less to offer than I thought and I don't like playing with them much as much as I hoped. Don't like the Mecha theme entirely either with their faction.
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