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Originally posted by Jeffus
Sorry to those that have never been around in those glorious days of the C64 and Amiga..... but.
I remember from my C64 days and 6502 coding that sometimes when you had loads going on (i.e. Demos) that thangs would slow down considerably, so we used a trick by inserting color bars in a routine (e.g. scroll) The thicker the lines (without getting too technical) the lower the performance, so we used to optomise our code to get thinner lines...... there's more to it (regarding IRQ Raster scanning etc... BLAH!!) but my point is, perhaps it a software issue rater than an hardware issue??
Ahhhh, the rantings of an almost middleaged gamer!!

Does anyone understand what I'm getting at...... needs more caffeen only been up 30mins......
well, you are partly right and partly wrong

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