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Default Re: Best 52-60 inch LCD HDTV for under $5000?

Originally Posted by Uberpwnage View Post
I'm in the market for a new TV, unfortunately everything seems to be less clear then it used to be...everything is 1080p, everything has plenty of HDMI ports, BS contrast ratio specs, so it all seems to run together.

A while ago I probably would have gone with the Sony Bravia XBR4 or XBR5, sadly those have been phased out and replaced by the new XBR6, XBR7, and XBR8. The XBR series were known for their scaling quality which is one of my major concerns.

The XBR8 looks very nice with LED backlighting, but the price tag of $7000 for the 55 inch is pretty steep. The XBR6 and XBR7 are "coming soon" and don't have a price on Sony's site. Are these Bravias a good choice or should I be looking elsewhere for the best quality/performance given my price constraints? Preferably $4000 would be a better price, but up to $5000 is if the added features are substantial enough.
Look into the Samsung 6/7/8/9 series. They're essentially the same as the XBR 6/7/8.

Samsung 6 series is the "baseline" and an unbelievable set. I've got the 46" set.

The 7 series takes the 6, and adds 1GB onboard storage (for photos and such), the ability to stream videos through the ethernet port (6 series only allows photo), and a built-in woofer in case you're not interested in separate audio.

The 8 series ditches the woofer from the 7, but it's a slimmer panel.

The 9 series is essentially the XBR8. It uses LED back lighting, in addition to most/all of the features in the 6/7/8 series.
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