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Default Strange Graphical Issue

I am having an issue where if I switch focus (either something steals it or I alt-tab out) away from some openGL game and then back in... the graphics start to lock up. One of a few scenarios happens.

1. The game locks up at whatever state it was in before focus was switched away.
2. The game locks up and the screen is completely black (most common)

Now, roughly 30% of the time it will snap out of it and go back to normal if I give it a moment or alt-tab back out and in a couple of times. The majority of the time, though, I have to kill the process and restart.

The issue is predominately experienced in WoW (run via Wine, of course). In order to do my best to eliminate a Wine issue, I tried pretty much every version from before the late .9.X seriest through the latest 1.1.7. Additionally, the issue happens when playing non-Wine games like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Obviously this is a really tough issue for me, I depend on being able to alt-tab in and out.

As a final note, for now, I confirmed that the issue also takes place if I Ctrl-Tab between desktop pages as well.

Log attached, any help would really be appreciated. I don't recall exactly when the issue started, but I did try out the last few beta releases in addition to 177.80.

Thank you.
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