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Originally posted by Morrow
actually no, but nevermind...

read my previous posts, 9800s are also affected from this exact same issue.
I went last night to best buy and pick up another 9800 to hold me off from completely returning the card (for another week at most to see what nvidia is going to do if anything at all). Now if the 9800's are effected by the same issue in my very same system... Why am I not seeing any Flickering any more? Not try to jump on you Morrow but If this is the same exact problem then why is it not happening to me on the 9800 in the same exact system I get the flickering on with the 5900U? I would seriously like to know what the cause would be that could make it happen to a 5900 Flicker board and not to a claimed 9800 Flicker board with all the same exact conditions (hardware, software, locaction, etc...).

I just can't wait (and nobody should have to wait to use something they just bought) for nvidia to decide when they will give us info. This is like a slow Torture to have to deal with the flickering till nvidia decides they will speak which could be another month or more from now.

Edit: Just tried the 9800 in 2 of my other systems that flicker with the 5900U in there and they also do not flicker with the 9800 in them.

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