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That's a great flyby score. Now you just need to work on the botmatch results a bit.

As far as my tests have gone, I did the bit where I replaced the MaxDetail.ini with my current one, and reran the benchmark executable. It appeared to be running a bit quicker in the botmatches, but the end results only showed a 15fps increase in the flyby, with no (well, inconsequential, as in .02000) change in the botmatch score. I know that in-game it is much better, because until I'm satisfied I've tweaked it out as well as I can for both performance and IQ, I've been playing with the fps display on. The new settings (listed above) have made no less than a 20-25 fps difference in the minimum framerates in all maps. (This is equivalent to around a 120% improvement in the minimum I had at max detail / 4XS AA in DM-Antalus, btw. )
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