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Default Re: FarCry 2 Official Thread (PC)

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
so far, i would say i rather don't like this game.

constant jeep attacks, all the road blocks, or re-appearing enemies. annoying stuff.

re-appearing enemies should have been done differently, if you are attacking a building to gain some intel from one. Enemies would see you, either use a flair (ala Crysis) or call in for back-up. Jeep or two would show up and that is it.

something tells me that I will not play this for long, already bored with it.

I was bored and not that impressed up to about 12% when I started getting a little more in depth figuring out how the weapon system worked etc. Most of the time you can just drive right through a village and they will shoot at you but if you keep driving they only chase some of the time.
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