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Default Re: wot is wrong with my sli

Originally Posted by scubes View Post
hi all ive been having probs lately with crysis and crysis warhead the screen goes all funny after i exit the game the pc wont respond for a couple of secs im maybe thinking that it could be the psu which is a thermaltake tough power 850 watt (could this be my problem?
here is a pic of it


my specs
intel quad core 9450 @ 3gig
2.5 gig of ram crucial ballistix
xfx nforce 780i mobo
bfg geforce 280 gtx oc edtion in the bottom sli slot
xpertvison gefroce 280 gtx in the top sli slot
samsung 400 gig sata
hitachi 400 gig sata..
thermaltake tough power 850 watt psu.

hope this helps you gurus please help .......
Your setup is quite similar to mine. It's possible that it is a driver issue, but I would also recommend making sure you have the latest bios update. It's version P08.

I used to have trouble running anything with SLI and DX10 mode, but since I updated drivers and that latest bios update the problems went away.

Your PSU should have plenty of power to handle those cards. I'm only pulling about 550W from the wall with a pair of 8800GTX cards. You're probably only another 100W above that. How is your case for airflow? You need to have some decent fans in the front of the case to keep not only the GPU's cool, but also the northbridge.
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