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Default Re: Crysis Warhead Official Thread

RB - you and Crysis don't seem to have a good relationship. Don't like the guns and the enemies... :/
Staaayyyy awwwwwaaaaayyyyyyy.

ATM I'm on the bridge of the train mission - after the cut scenes. I have to say - some of the fighting is like Serious Crysis!!! (y'know - Serious Sam ) It's insane! The performance also seems quite a bit better.

I've had a few stability issues and the game can be quite rough around the loading screens... as well as being awkward on alt-tabbing.


Well, I just finished it and overall it's a wicked ride... "high octane" - well no **** there Sherlock! A game like this requires a good "gaming mouse" or just a mouse that fits well into your hand. Also - there was SCAR ammo avaliable almost all the time!!!!! SCARSCARSCARSCARSCARSCARSCARSCARSCARSCARSCARSCARSC ARSCARSCARSCARSCARSCARSCARSCAR

... and it sounds a bit cooler - especially on the single shot mode. However... the availability of the SCAR ammo and the game play in Warhead made SCAR a bit less special. I mean, shooting the SCAR on auto almost breaks my heart. I'm used to just making headshots with it - it's like a quality-mini-sniper-rifle.... almost!

SCAR= for the NKs.
I want a rig that can play Crysis the way I can play Far Cry now.
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