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Default Re: Help me find my Geforce 4 4600 Bottleneck

Originally posted by rhipidon
What is with my system? I only get on average 40fps in UT2003 and horribly choppy graphics in Battlefield 1942. Here are my system specs:

Abit KX7-333 /w latest BIOS and VIA 4in1s
AGP 4x & Apature set to 128mb
512 MB Samsung DDR @ 333mhz
Athlon XP 1800+ @ 1610 (280 mhz bus, 140fsb x2)
PNY Geforce 4 4600 @ 324/729
Detonator 40.41
WinXP Pro /w SP1 installed
10281 3dMarks in 3DMark 2001 SE
SoundBlaster Live 5.1 /w latest drivers
Dlink DWL-520+ Wireless PCI Network Card
Western Digital 40 gig 7200 RPM Hard Drive /w UDMA100 enabled
Plextor 16x CDRW
Pioneer A04 DVDR
Maxtor 30 gig 5200 RPM Hard Drive /w UDMA66 enabled

Any ideas? I just can't figure out what my bottleneck is.
What resolutions are you trying to run the games in? hows yer 3dmark2k1 score?
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