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Originally posted by Flavius
Damnit, I'm starting to think you and Nvidia have seen some DIFFERENT kind of flicker issue that appears on both cards, not the 5900 alone, and the wrong problem will be fixed.
Easy there. I'm trying my very best to detect flickering on my BFG 5900Ultra. I'm not NVIDIA and have no ties to them. My goal is to try and detect flickering on my 5900Ultra and then try to troubleshoot from that point on. The fact is, however, that in my case I simply have no problems in Windows or games (with the exception of this UT2K3Bench issue that I'm trying to find out more on).

I do not discount that there is a legitimate problem with some NVIDIA cards (and some Radeon cards, just check out's forums), I'd be a fool to do so. What confuses me is that including myself I know of at least five other people that own 5900Ultras and they have no problems either.

All of us here at nV News want to get to the bottom of this as much as anyone and pinpoint the cause and hopefully discover a solution.
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