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Default Re: GTX280/260 Overclocking Results

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
So what do you guys use to test your overclocks and what is an acceptable maximum load temp for a GTX260?
I use ATI tool's built in artifact scanner, which has always worked flawlessly for me in providing instant and accurate feedback on overclocks. Once I got artifacts I backed down 15Mhz on the shader, since the shader limits my core clock, and 50Mhz on the memory, and tested Crysis for stability.

I wish my shader would go higher but I get artifacts at 1435, which limits my core at 725. Since I back the shader down to 1420, my core has to come down to 710. This gives me a final overclock of 710/1420/2500 on my Superclocked GTX 260 core 216.

I just keep the fan at the default 40% and have never gone over 76 underload, and I idle at 42. If I run the fan at 100% I peak in the low 60's with my overclock and idle in the high 30's.
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