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Hi ,

it took me some time to find out iam not the only one with a flickering 5900Žer , so i rust read the whole thread from the beginning with great interrest.

The silence from NV lets the buyers of the Video-Cards speculate about whats the cause for the very disturbing flickering.

I have an Asus 9950FX in an Asus A7N8X Mobo,
both pieces are build around a NVIDIA-created Core-Chip(set).
When those both not fit together, what then?
I changed my old PSU for an Enermax 465W one.
I think this should be sufficent for a Mobo, a VideoCard and one HardDrive.

Originaly discovered the flickering in Operation Flashpoint the first time,i soon found out, that flickering is "best" seen on the D3D-Samples which are delivered within the DirectX-SoftwareDeveloperKit.
These render 3D-Hardware-Accelerated Stuff in a scaleable window and refresh at many times they can.The bigger you scale a window, the more the "load" of the GPU is and the more the flickering is noteable.
(You can open as many Samples as you like.)
On the other hand, the smaller a window become, the framerate increases and so the squiezing sound.

By the way : the flickering stays even when the app is in background or minimized, strange thing...
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