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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

My next WIP repaint for the RA Decathalon custom bump/spec mapping & a few little areas of chroming (handels,brackets grills ect)

Hey silly i hope you can fix your FSX problems I myself seemed to have fixed the frame bouncing i was having by not forcing AF/AA via CCC....

its very strange how as tech progresses FSX seems to get worse/fussier about its setting,runnig unlimited my frame rate i can hit around about 60/70 fps NP but every 3 seconds or so that drops down to 6/8 fps its maddening! ive checked all my running processes defragged tweak un-tweaked reinstall drivers OS ectectect but i cant kill the dips on unlimited & to sure it i had settled for ingame AA/AF and a lock of 30fps....i really hope Aces they get there **** together for FSXI atleast we have TS2 to guage there progress by

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